As with most industrial production processes, there is the definite need to treat process, service and on-site drinking water to ensure it is clean and reliable.

Mine water treatment is somewhat unique, as the water can be strongly acidic or near neutral in pH, or in the case of cooling water, quite alkaline.

This water generally has a high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content and can contain metals and contaminants. Not maintaining the correct water balance and conditions can lead to severe algae and slime build-up, a major concern for mine management. Having algae-free, slime-free water in systems means lowering the risk of restricted water flows due to blockages; helps to mitigate loss in efficiencies; and potentially reduces the impact to the bottom-line that can be caused by maintenance and downtime costs.

The water associated with mining operations can be managed and effectively treated by using biocides and other complementary products.

Our product range has been defined to treat:

  • Cooling systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Spray towers and ponds
  • Ice and fridge plants
  • Ericson dams and reservoirs
  • Service water – treated at a quality that is of drinking water standards
  • Mine drinking water

Our product range includes products suitable for manual dosing and/or can be used with our range of Equipment. 

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Our solutions for this application: 

HTH Scientific®
HTH® Tablets
Dantoin™ BCDMH RW Tablets
Equinox™ Stabilizer 15
pH Adjusters