One of the most effective management strategies for controlling nuisance aquatic plants is chemical control. In a balanced ecosystem, aquatic vegetation can be desirable, but when the aquatic vegetation reaches nuisance levels, it can affect property values, aquatic ecosystems and can interfere with recreational activities.

We have the expertise to specify the right product for treating drinking water reservoirs*, irrigation systems, aquaculture (fish hatcheries), wastewater, golf courses, livestock tanks and other lakes and ponds.

Teaming with leading universities, we support research efforts and innovation in investigating the environmental fate, toxicity and efficacy when applying various product formulations on a global basis. Investments are also made in new chemistries, application technologies, and technical resources in the subject of algae and cyanobacteria management.  

* Applicable to the Cutrine™ product range only. Consult with one of our Sales Engineers for further information.

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