Biological Products

Applied Biochemists® line of beneficial bacteria and protein products help digest organic matter in ponds, restoring a natural balance to the pond.



Energize resident bacteria with a blend of fermented proteins with surfactants.  The Aqua-Prep protein solution accelerates nutrient consumption to break down organic matter.


No general water use restrictions are applicable when product is applied according to label instructions.


  • Available in 3.78 Litre containers

  • Active Ingredient: proteins with surfactants

  • Dosing rates:


  • Initial application: 150 mL per 100 m³ of water

  • Maintenance application: 75 – 150 mL per 100 m³ of water

  • Dilute the product and spray into water body





Bacti-Klear™ Aquatic Microbial Blend is a formulation of beneficial bacteria that decreases levels of organic matter in order to improve clarity and reduce odours in dams, lakes and ponds.  It is ideal for consumption of decaying matter after the application of an algaecide or herbicide.


The product can be used with diffused aeration to increase the oxygen levels in the water and accelerate the decomposition process of decaying materials.  The product is available in an easy-to dose pellet form.  No general water use restrictions are applicable when the product is applied at label rates.



  • Available in 4.54 kg (4 units in a case) containers

  • Active ingredient: sludge-digesting bacteria and enzymes

  • Dosing rates:


  • Start-up application is 2.25 g/m² of water surface area

  • Maintenance application is 1.125 g/m² of water surface area


  • Broadcast evenly using spreader or hand scoop

Bacti-Klear™ Technical Data Sheet