Dantoin™ BCDMH RW Tablets
dantoin bcdmh rw tablets

Dantoin™ BCDMH RW Tablets

A broad-spectrum biocide effective on bacteria and fungi, Dantoin™ BCDMH RW Tablets release active bromine and active chlorine when in contact with water. Their 20g cylindrical form allows a slow release of the halogenous acids, ensuring consistent disinfection.

Typically dosed via pressurized feeders (brominators), Dantoin™ BCDMH RW Tablets are used in various applications: from pool and spa disinfection to the constant sanitisation of raw water entering cooling towers to avoid microbial contamination and to improve heat transfer.

They are also used in pasteurizers, air scrubbers and as a versatile disinfectant.

  • Application: Industrial
  • Typically applied via pressurized feeders (brominators)
  • Can be used for systems that have a high pH
  • Product packaging size: 25kg bucket
  • Product code: BCDMH25    
  • Sold in units  

Dantoin™ BCDMH RW Tablets TDS

Dantoin BCDMH Tablets SDS