HTH® Scientific™ Bromine Floater

hth scientific bromine floater

HTH® Scientific™ Bromine Floater

Bromine is an effective bactericide and fungicide for the disinfection of water in cooling water system.  It also helps to control the growth of biofilm within the system that could serve as potential breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi.  The HTH® Scientific™ Bromine Floater was designed for cooling tower sumps with volumes up to 20 000 Litres.  The unit is packaged in a disposable floating dispenser making it simple to use with low operator involvement.

  • Application: Small to Medium-sized Cooling Towers.
  • 1 Floater can be used in sump volumes of up to 20 000 litres.
  • Provides a slow release of active ingredient without leaving a residue.
  • Rate of product release will depend on water temperature and circulation rate.
  • Can operate at a wide pH range.
  • Ability to aid in the control of biofilm growth can contribute to cleaner heat exchanger surfaces.
  • Product packaging size: 350 g floater containing BCDMH tablets.
  • Product code: SCIBCTF.
  • Available in 6 units/case.

HTH® Scientific™ Bromine Floater TDS

HTH® Scientific™ Bromine Floater SDS