Electro-Chemically Activated Water

Besides its commitment to microbial control, we are deeply involved in the development of sustainable technologies.

Introducing BlueSenseTM, an innovative solution, producing sanitizing disinfecting agents using the chloride ions naturally present in the water. Through a proprietary and patented process these ions are turned into powerful disinfectants, either hypochlorous acid or chlorine dioxide.  

These two compounds are amongst the strongest oxidizers and efficient on a very broad spectrum of micro-organisms (eg. bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts, protozoa) which can be found in untreated water.  


BlueSenseTM technology only requires a low voltage supply and doesn’t need any chemical precursors to generate disinfectants. A minimum of 20 ppm chlorides in the water to be treated is necessary to ensure a proper generation of hypochlorous acid or of chlorine dioxide.
For waters with lower concentration, brine production equipment can be optionally proposed by BlueSenseTM.

Production of chlorinating agent or chlorine dioxide can be adapted to the flow rate, to the water chemistry and characteristics for multiple purposes and applications such as:

Potable Water

BlueSenseTM offers a large range of solutions from 0.1 to 10 m3/h for:

  • Point of use and under-the-sink units
  • Water dispensers and coolers
  • Private wells
  • Small water supplies
  • Boosting chlorination stations
  • Treatment of water towers (ensures a chlorine residual during storage)

Emergency Water Supply

BlueSenseTM has also developed a specific range to enable rapid deployment of autonomous drinking water sanitation equipment for:

  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)
  • Armies

Its easy implementation and commissioning allows a quick supply of drinking water for emergency relief. BlueSenseTM Oximobi range can treat small volumes up to 3 m3/h from almost every source of fresh water and also comes in complement of reverse osmosis processes (desalination) to provide an oxidizer residual and avoid re-contamination.

Shipping Industry

Water onboard ships. Water onboard maritime transport or cruise line ships has to be disinfected to avoid any risk of contamination and health problems for crews and passengers. It is generally stored in large tanks and maintaining a residual of disinfectant is key. BlueSenseTM specific solution provides a reliable treatment based on continuous monitoring of the active chlorine level through a side-stream equipment, compact and easy to maintain.


Based on years of returns of experience, BlueSenseTM is proposing animal drinking and process water treatment to the agricultural industry.  

OXAGRI systems are successfully installed on flower bulbs preservation and post-harvest water systems, providing high quantities of hypochlorous acid to treat large volumes of water and avoid contamination of final products (effective on bacteria, mold, fungi, invertebrates such as nematodes or flies).

Industrial Water and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)  

Cooling and hot water systems are subject to contamination, especially by Legionella pneumophila. BlueSenseTM offers turn-key solutions, to be implemented in-line on existing infrastructure to mitigate the biofilm formation and, at the same time, ensure a residual of oxidizer in the pipework. BlueSenseTM is benefiting from numerous references in clinics, hospitals and for district cooling.