Industrial Algaecides

Biofilm control is critical in certain applications such as those found in the papermaking industry and cooling water systems. The long-desired product is one that provides enhanced biofilm control through the stabilization of the active ingredient, providing fast-kill to planktonic bacteria, reduced corrosion and is a product that is easy-to-use.


Bardac™ LF 18-50 WT

A cost-effective way to manage the algae growth found in systems as well as to clean the systems. The Bardac™ LF 18-50 WT product is synergistic with oxidizing biocides and prevents algae growth, lowering the need for halogens. Bardac™ LF 18-50 WT also improves the performance of scale and corrosion inhibitors. It is also synergistic with stabilized oxidizing biocides, as it acts as a complementary algaecide in multifunctional formulated products due to its compatibility with anionic compounds such as scale dispersants.

Bardac™ LF 18-50 WT is water soluble and is a product solution that is not a dermal sensitizer. Its low-foaming tendency compared to other regular ADBAC-based products makes it easier to use in recirculating systems such as cooling towers and decorative fountains.  

  • Application: Industrial
  • To be dosed via a dosing pump
  • Product packaging size: available in drums and IBC’s