HTH® pH Adjusters

Maintaining the correct pH is imperative in water treatment, as this allows for the efficacy of sanitizers to be optimized and helps to prevent damage to equipment and systems. Water with a pH value less than 7 is acidic and tends to be corrosive and water with a value greater than 7 indicates alkalinity and tends to affect the taste of the water.

hth hydrochloric acid 25kg

HTH® Hydrochloric Acid 28kg

The HTH® Hydrochloric Acid product is an effective reducing agent that decreases the pH in water treatment applications.

  • Application: Industrial, municipal and commercial
  • To be applied via an automatic feeder system 
  • Product packaging size: 28kg polycan (25 litres)    
  • Product code: HYDRO25
  • Sold in units

HTH® Hydrochloric Acid TDS

Hydrochloric Acid SDS