HTH® Pool Maintenance Products

The road to a clear, sparkling swimming pool starts with the quality of the pool feed water.  Water supplied to swimming pools via boreholes, rain, and municipal supply vary in parameters such as pH, Total Alkalinity and metal content.  When any of these parameters fall outside the recommended ranges for swimming pools, it not only affects the appearance of the pool water, but also interferes with the efficacy of biocides such as chlorine and overall bather comfort.  Our extensive range of Pool Maintenance Products are designed to help adjust pool water parameters to maintain crystal clear water while allowing biocides to perform at their optimum.

hth hydrochloric acid 25kg

HTH® Hydrochloric Acid

An effective way to reduce the pH in swimming pools. A lower pH environment (< 7.6) enhances the efficacy of Calcium Hypochlorite based disinfectants and contributes to the clarity of pool water.

  • Recommended pH for Swimming Pools: 7.2 – 7.6.
  • Can also be used for pH adjustment in Municipal and Industrial water treatment applications.
  • 30% Hydrochloric Acid.
  • Available in 25L Polycans.
  • Product Code: HYDRO25

HTH® Hydrochloric Acid TDS

HTH® Hydrochloric Acid SDS

HTH Alkalinity Up 17kg

HTH® Alkalinity Up

Total Alkalinity (TA) indicates the amount of alkali materials present in water and the degree of the water’s resistance to pH change.

  • Recommended TA range for Swimming Pools: 80 – 120 ppm.
  • 170g of HTH® Alkalinity Up raises the TA of 10 m³ by 10 ppm.
  • Available in 17 kg Polypropylene Drums.
  • Product Code: SCIAU17

HTH® Alkalinity Up TDS

HTH® Alkalinity Up SDS

HTH Metal Remover 10L

HTH® Metal Remover

High levels of metals such as copper and iron could lead to unsightly stains on swimming pool linings. High metal content is characteristic of borehole water.

  • HTH® metal remover contains a powerful chelating agent that prevents metals from depositing onto swimming pool linings.
  • Available in 10L Polycans.
  • Product Code: SCIMR10

HTH® Metal Remover TDS

HTH® Metal Remover SDS

HTH Pool Stabiliser 20kg

HTH® Pool Stabiliser

Chlorine in swimming pool water is prone to breakdown caused by UV-rays from the sun. HTH® Pool Stabiliser acts as an “umbrella” to protect chlorine from UV breakdown.

  • Ideal for outdoor swimming pools.
  • Recommended Stabiliser range for Swimming Pools: CYA < 50 ppm.
  • Available in 20kg Polypropylene Drums.
  • Product Code: STAB20

HTH® Pool Stabiliser TDS

HTH® Pool Stabiliser SDS