Water Colourants

Water colourants contain water-soluble dyes designed for use in lakes, dams, ponds, decorative water features and other contained bodies of water with limited outflow.  Application of water colourants tints water a pleasing dark colour for a more natural look.  The mirror-like appearance of the water surface reduces the visibility of unsightly aquatic plants and submerged pond equipment.

Aquashadow Black

Aquashadow™ Black Pond Colourant

The Aquashadow Black solution is a blended formulation of water-soluble dyes created to beautify cloudy water with a pleasing reflective appearance.  Treated water will retain the tint following application and with adhoc maintenance dosages, restore diluted colour.


The product can be dosed directly into the water body, however, it should not be added directly to drinking water sources.  Allow several hours for this product to disperse before swimming, irrigation or fishing.  When used at the recommended dosage rate, treated water will not harm fish, waterfowl, pets, or wildlife.


  • Application Rate:

  • Minimum – 0.50 mL per m³

  • Maximum – 2.00 mL per m³


  • Product Packaging Size: 3.78 Litre Bottles

  • 2 units supplied in a case


Aquashadow™ Black Technical Data Sheet