Water Treatment Equipment

Having the correct equipment to treat the water can significantly streamline the water treatment process. Our easy-to-use equipment and extensive application knowledge help us deliver reliable solutions to the demanding problems of our customers.

Our equipment:

  • Can provide continuous and reliable disinfection on demand
  • Helps maintain the correct water balance
  • Allows for potential cost-savings as the amount of chemicals can be managed and applied as per the water demand (Model specific)
  • Are easily managed and maintained
  • Can be tailor-made to specifications


hth scientific 2kg inline feeder

2kg, 4kg and 16kg HTH Scientific® Inline Feeders

  • Application: Industrial, municipal and commercial
  • To be used in conjunction with HTH Scientific® Slow Release Tablets
  • Able to chlorinate 5,000Ɩ – 3,1 MƖ/day at a dosage rate of 3ppm
  • HTH Scientific® 2kg and 4kg Inline Feeders include wall mount brackets for simple installation
  • HTH Scientific® 16kg Inline Feeder comes pre-mounted on steel skid
  • Product codes:   
    • 2kg – SCI2CINF
    • 4kg – SCI4CINF
    • 16kg – SCI16CINF
  • Sold in units

Inline Feeders TDS

lonza 35kg chip feeder system

35kg Chip Feeder System

lonza 200kg chip feeder system

200kg Chip Feeder System

  • Application: Industrial, municipal, commercial, food and beverage
  • No electricity required
  • Feed rate up to 960kg of HTH Scientific® Chips  or Frexus® Chips p/day
  • Dosage can be regulated with the use of a rotameter
  • Product Code: SCI200CD
  • Sold in units

200kg Chip Feeder System TDS

pulsar 1 system

Pulsar® 1 System

  • Application: For commercial pools and spas from 1,900L to 190,000L
  • To be used in conjunction with HTH Scientific® Chips (12kg capacity)
  • Feed Rate Range (AvCl/day):
  • Minimum – 0.2kg
  • Maximum – 9.0kg
  • Can be used with a timer or any ORP-based pool automation unit
  • Features a wave concept that is designed specifically for use on commercial pools/spas from 1,900L to 190,000L
  • Product code: SCIPUL1
  • Sold in units      

Pulsar® 1 System TDS

pulsar 3 system

Pulsar® 3 System

  • Application: For pools or spas from up to 945,000L
  • To be used in conjunction with HTH Scientific® Chips (28kg capacity)
  • Feed Rate Range (AvCl/day):
  • Minimum – 0.5kg
  • Maximum – 54.6kg
  • Can be used with a timer or any ORP-based pool automation unit
  • Features a spray technology that enhances your pool’s filtration system
  • A 5.5kW hp booster pump provides 1.8 bar through the venturi for optimal evacuation of the chlorinator
  • Product code: SCIPUL3
  • Sold in units

Pulsar® 3 System TDS


scids 200 controller skid

DS200 System

  • Application:     Industrial, Municipal, Commercial, Food & Beverage

  • Measures and controls Available Chlorine and pH

  • Measures Available Chlorine up to 10 ppm

  • 4 – 20 mA outputs

  • Full training provided

  • ‘Plug and Play’ design

  • IP Rating: IP65

  • Customizable for various applications

  • To be used in conjunction with Chip Feeder Systems, HTH Scientific® Chips, Frexus® Chips and/or HTH® Hydrochloric Acid

  • Sold in Units


DS200 Automatic Chlorination Controller System TDS



scids 300  controller skid

DS300 System

DS300 Automatic Chlorination Controller System TDS

ultra s dissolving unit

Scientific™ Ultra-S Dissolving Units

  • Application: Industrial; can be used in water cooling applications
  • To be used in conjunction with Scientific™ C20V and Scientific™ C22V products
  •  Ultrasonic technology for level control – Eliminates contact with the solution in the reservoir and prevents fouling of critical components. The ultrasonic is capable of measuring outside of the normal operating range and can indicate when level is too high
  • Easy to install – A mounting bracket is used so that the unit can easily be installed by one person.  It also allows for easy removal of the unit off the wall to perform any maintenance required
  • Designed for chemical resistance – Unit has no internal metal parts and electronics are insulated
  • Flow rate: 1.1l/m
  • Water pressure: 20psi
  • Durable HDPE injection molded components
  • Smart troubleshooting capabilities
  • Easily coupled outlets for larger systems
  • No moving internal parts
  • Operates at 12VDC 1amp
  • Product code: SCIULTRAS  
  • Sold in units

ScientificTM Ultra-S Dissolving Unit TDS