Chip Feeder Systems

In applications where continuous, accurate and reliable disinfection is required, our Chip Feeder Systems are available to simplify and optimize the disinfection process.

Chip Feeder Systems

Our range of Chip Feeder Systems are manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Highly customizable and adaptable to suit many applications, these units can be used as stand-alone units or with one of our pre-assembled chlorine controller systems. To be used in conjunction with HTH Scientific® Chips or Frexus® Chips.

lonza 35kg chip feeder system

35kg Chip Feeder System

lonza 200kg chip feeder system

200kg Chip Feeder System

  • Application: Industrial, municipal, commercial, food and beverage
  • No electricity required
  • Feed rate up to 960kg of HTH Scientific® Chips  or Frexus® Chips p/day
  • Dosage can be regulated with the use of a rotameter
  • Product Code: SCI200CD
  • Sold in units

200kg Chip Feeder System TDS