HTH Scientific® Inline Feeders

The HTH Scientific® Inline Feeder range was designed in Africa with the vision to withstand the harsh African conditions. System design allows for peace of mind and ensures reliable and effective dosing of active chlorine into water disinfection systems. Available in sizes 2kg, 4kg and 16kg, the feeders are easy to install and operate. With no electricity required, they are easily managed, with little maintenance needed. Dosage rates can be regulated and controlled as preferred. Upon feeder installation, our technical staff are available to run an initial calibration, after which the feeder maintains a steady dose rate as per the calibrated set point.



hth scientific 2kg inline feeder

2kg, 4kg and 16kg HTH Scientific® Inline Feeders

  • Application: Industrial, municipal and commercial
  • To be used in conjunction with HTH Scientific® Slow Release Tablets
  • Able to chlorinate 5,000Ɩ – 3,1 MƖ/day at a dosage rate of 3ppm
  • HTH Scientific® 2kg and 4kg Inline Feeders include wall mount brackets for simple installation
  • HTH Scientific® 16kg Inline Feeder comes pre-mounted on steel skid
  • Product codes:   
    • 2kg – SCI2CINF
    • 4kg – SCI4CINF
    • 16kg – SCI16CINF
  • Sold in units

Inline Feeders TDS