ScientificUltra-S Dissolving Unit

The Scientific™ Ultra-S Dissolving Unit provides an online chemical solution for cooling water applications using the Scientific™ Cooling Water Treatment solid concentrated products. With a unique, non-contact level control system and integrated flow control, the Ultra-S provides a chemical solution ready to be dosed on demand.

ultra s dissolving unit

Scientific™ Ultra-S Dissolving Units

  • Application: Industrial; can be used in water cooling applications
  • To be used in conjunction with Scientific™ C20V and Scientific™ C22V products
  •  Ultrasonic technology for level control – Eliminates contact with the solution in the reservoir and prevents fouling of critical components. The ultrasonic is capable of measuring outside of the normal operating range and can indicate when level is too high
  • Easy to install – A mounting bracket is used so that the unit can easily be installed by one person.  It also allows for easy removal of the unit off the wall to perform any maintenance required
  • Designed for chemical resistance – Unit has no internal metal parts and electronics are insulated
  • Flow rate: 1.1l/m
  • Water pressure: 20psi
  • Durable HDPE injection molded components
  • Smart troubleshooting capabilities
  • Easily coupled outlets for larger systems
  • No moving internal parts
  • Operates at 12VDC 1amp
  • Product code: SCIULTRAS  
  • Sold in units

ScientificTM Ultra-S Dissolving Unit TDS